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We provide high-quality project management and delivery of national business support projects: national coverage; regionally connected and locally delivered. 

We have proven success in areas defined by the government as having multiple sources of deprivation.

We deliver: our success has been rewarded with a series of contracts between 2012 and 2022



We deliver benefits to the country of a greater stock of well-established new businesses ambitious for growth, however modest or grand. This is seen in the improved longevity of the businesses supported, increased employment and increased productivity


We can be trusted to do the right thing with any funds we use, and to provide appropriate reporting to substantiate our claims, providing proper lines of accountability for funders


We focus on people with the ambition to start and grow their own businesses. Although our members work with self-employed people in their regions, Start and Grow UK has a growth focus and works with national customers who want to have a business support service delivered across England.

We grow thriving small business communities 


We are serious about this. Start and Grow UK is one of the market leaders in the scientific testing of business support, running randomised controlled trials and other high-quality tests to demonstrate the effectiveness of its work



We have assisted almost 8,500 start-ups, with £90m of business funding secured, 15,000+ jobs created in those businesses.

Longer-lasting businesses - survival rates at several percentage points greater than the national averages for 1, 2 and 3 years 



Over the past decade Start and Grow UK (initially under the branding of Cavendish Enterprise) has been working to create a business support structure across the English regions, which enables small businesses to start up and sustainably grow, creating strong economic growth. Start and Grow UK is a partnership of the four of the largest enterprise agencies in England - the most prominent not-for-profit enterprise agencies in the country, each with over 30 years’ experience.

As a thriving small business community of business agencies we believe that Britain’s prosperity depends on supporting small businesses and we are committed to ensuring that every potential entrepreneur has the opportunity to start, thrive and grow their business. 

Through working together as partners over this period or time,  we have delivered over 8,500 new start businesses and 15,000 new jobs, and we can demonstrate a track record of cost effective business support delivery at a local level across the English regions.


As a group of highly respected enterprise agencies we have supported over 100,000 businesses in all stages of business development.

Start and Grow UK works closely with other professional organisations to extend the business support available to our clients. Our associates have the same commitment to ensuring new and growing businesses have the best chance of success.

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Meet The Board 

Jon Doe

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Jane Doe

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The Start and Grow UK Board includes leading personnel from our partner agencies, and business professionals in specialist areas.

Doug Scott Photo .png

Doug Scott


Non Executive Director 

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Connect with Doug

Doug was the Chief Executive of TEDCO from 1997 to 2013. He now runs a consultancy business, What You See Is All There Is Ltd, which delivers non-executive director and interim management roles in not-for-profit-distribution companies, and consultancy services, primarily in enterprise and economic development with a focus on policy and evaluation.

Doug was awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion, Lifetime Achievement, in 2010.


Leigh-Sara Timberlake

Chief Executive Business South/Enterprise First

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Connect with Leigh-Sara

Leigh-Sara joined Business South soon after it was founded in 2008 as the Champion Director engaging with leading employers to build the collective business voice for the Central South Region. In 2018 Business South merged with Enterprise First enabling the group to provide business support for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups through to large Corporates, Leigh-Sara was appointed Group CEO in August 2019.

Jo Greenwood.png

Jo Greenwood

Board Member 

Finance Director 

Business West 

Jo joined Business West in 1996 as a management accountant and progressed to be the Finance Director in 2000. In the last 20 years she has been responsible for the strategic financial direction of the company, which has gone from £3m turnover to over £15m. Business West is now recognised as one of the most influential independent business leadership organisations in the UK.


Jo is also a director of Destination Bristol, Recognising Excellence and Bristol Chamber of Commerce.

Carole White.png

Carole White

Board Member 

Chief Executive TEDCO Business Support Limited  

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Connect with Carole

Carole White is Chief Executive of TEDCO Business Support Ltd, a spin out company from TEDCO Ltd. She joined TEDCO Ltd in 1996 following a retail career encompassing both operational management roles and a national role in people development.

Initially recruited as Training Manager, Carole was responsible for delivery of both external training for businesses and internal staff development. As the Business Support Manager from 2001 to 2011 she has extensive experience of managing business support contracts for a wide range of funders.

Carole has worked with a range of businesses across all sectors and has a strong track record of developing and delivering creative and effective business support initiatives. She is also very active in local partnerships across the North East, including being a board member of North East Enterprise Agencies (NEEAL) Ltd.

She is a Graduate in English from the University of Lancaster.

David Seall.png

David Seall 

Non Executive Director 

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Connect with David

David Seall is an Independent Director, Advisor and Chartered Engineer. He is a Visiting Professor and Chair of the Advisory Board at the University of Surrey Business School and a Member of the Manufacturing Commission advising the All Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group.


Until retiring in June 2017 he was the Regional Chairman of the Institute of Directors for the South East of England and prior to that was Chairman of IoD Surrey. 


He is a Member of the National Economic Policy Committee of Make UK. He has been a Non-Executive Director for over 20 years and is currently a Non-Executive Director at CP Cases Ltd a company designing and manufacturing bespoke protective cases in addition to his role at Start & Grow.


He is a Board Advisor for several start-up businesses and has advised major banks and law firms.  David is a Fellow of both the Royal Aeronautical Society and the IoD. He is a Member of IoM3 and a Freeman of the City of London.

Lorraine Connellan.jpg

Lorraine Connellan

Director of Finance, NBV/Nwes

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Connect with Lorraine

Lorraine is the Executive Director of NBV and Nwes, having joined NBV back in 2004 as the finance manager.  As part of the senior management team of NBV Lorraine was part of the successful growth of the organisation, In 2017 NBV joined together with Nwes and Lorraine took on the role of Finance Director the both organisations. 


In January 2020 Lorraine took on the Executive Director role, heading up both organisations together with our Non-executive board.  NBV provide business support across the East Midlands and Nwes provide business support across East Anglia and London running a variety of projects from pre-start support to business growth and job creation, both companies are also active in providing businesses with office space across the regions.



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Jobs Created

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More information about the programme

The Business Basics Fund, a series of open competitions, administered by Innovate UK on behalf of BEIS, is the main element of the Business Basics Programme further details are here. The fund aims to build evidence on how to encourage SMEs to adopt productivity boosting technology and/or management practices. It is administered by Innovate UK on behalf of BEIS.

More details, can be found here 

The trial protocol document is available here. 

The evaluation report is due to be delivered to BEIS by 31 March 2022.

The Business Boost programme -is  Cavendish/Start and Grow UK’s winning bid to the Business Basics Fund, in Round 1 of the competition. Start & Grow UK were 1 of 5 successful full trial projects selected from over 100 applicants. The trial considers how management training can improve productivity in micro and small firms. The report is available above. 

 There is also the Round 3 project, Evolve Digital.  Start  and Grow UK were selected from over 60 submissions, the project runs until March 2022 and is in its early stages of delivery. Start and Grow UK  have partnered with Lancaster University Management School in the design and delivery of this project and again with Warwick Business School in its evaluation. The trial concerns the application of modern technologies in micro and small family businesses to improve productivity.

The Business Basics Fund is currently being evaluated and will be available December 2020. 

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Start & Grow Clients should contact their Business Support Agency directly - click on the hyperlink below:- 
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